Introduction to Astrobiology


Not quite sure what astrobiology involves?  Explore some of the following introductory presentations to get a better idea:

Introduction to Astrobiology: a further exploration of the fundamentals of astrobiology and the questions it seeks to address by Charles Cockell.

Astrobiology and the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life: a brief introduction by Charles Cockell to a course that has similar aims and structure to the astrobiology academy.

ESERO-UK, also known as the UK Space Education Office, aims to promote the use of space to enhance and support the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in schools throughout the UK. ESERO-UK has built a collection of space-themed teaching and learning resources that bring together materials from ESA and other providers to help teachers and lecturers to use space as an engaging context for teaching and learning in STEM subjects.

Life Beyond the Earth:  a highly engaging public lecture by Dr. Chris McKay from the NASA Ames Research Centre that looks at the search for life within our own solar system.

 Discipline Specific Information

Follow the links to have a look at the focus of the key disciplines of:

Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Biological Sciences.


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