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“For anyone remotely interested in space exploration this course fuels the imagination and wonder that you won’t regret.” Teacher attendee, Astrobiology Academy

The Astrobiology Academy residential CPD occurs during the academic summer break. Science teachers from UK upper secondary schools can submit their basic details using the form below.

Applicants will then be assessed on the basis of their interest in any of the relevant sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, astronomy or engineering), as well as a personal statement. Applicants will also be assessed based on their own school’s scientific opportunities; applicants from schools with limited opportunities will be preferentially selected.

Please see the Academy Practical Information page for more details on what goes on during the Academy.

We are now taking registration for interest in attending the 2017 astrobiology academy (July 10-13th, 2017)

Interested in applying? Fill in the fields below to register your interest for next year’s Astrobiology Academy:

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Do you have previous curriculum/lesson plan writing experience and what interests you about the astrobiology academy?

Finally, please explore what you might hope to get out of the Summer Academy and what value you hope to contribute as part of a group of like minded teachers. You could use this section to talk about ambitions, personal qualities or anything else which you feel will support your application.

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